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Large Format Pinholes


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An innovative line of Large Format pinhole lenses is now available in standard Copal 0 and 1 shutter thread connections.

Our top-quality laser drilled pinhole lenses are mounted in a black-anodized aluminum mount.

Pinholes offer a unique perspective for your photographic endeavors, providing infinite depth-of-field, impressive image clarity, and opportunities to experiment with long exposure times.

These mounts are laser-marked with text indicating the f/stop, pinhole size, and optimum focal length.

Formula for Calculating f-stop

f = fl / d

f = aperture

fl = focal length (distance from pinhole to film)

d = pinhole diameter

Suggested Sizes

Based on Average Camera Dimensions

35mm Camera: 300 Micron Pinhole

4×5″ Camera: 450 Micron Pinhole

Large Format Camera: 900 Micron Pinhole

Wide Angle

Focal Length: 35mm = 250 Microns

Focal Length: 3×4″ = 400 Microns

Sizing Chart for Common Focal Lengths

Focal Length
Suggested Part Number
10 mm
f 67
15 mm
f 90
25 mm
f 110
30 mm
f 120
40 mm
f 145
50 mm
f 167
75 mm
f 190
100 mm
f 222
200 mm
f 310
300 mm
f 375
500 mm
f 500

Additional information

Aperture Size

200 Microns, 225 Microns, 250 Microns, 275 Microns, 300 Microns, 350 Microns, 400 Microns, 450 Microns, 500 Microns, 550 Microns, 600 Microns, 650 Microns, 700 Microns, 800 Microns, 900 Microns, 1000 Microns, 1500 Microns

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