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M42 Thread Pinhole Cap


A pinhole cap for a M42 Thread camera with a .24 mm hole.

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Each fully-assembled Pinhole Lens can be easily attached to the body lens mount of your camera. No other lens is needed for operation.

All precision pinholes are triple-inspected and follow a high-level quality program to ensure the precision of each piece.

Compatable Camera Bodies:
Yashica Penta J
Yashica J-3
Yashica J-P
Yashica J-4
Yashica J-5
Yashica J-7
Yashica TL Super
Yashica TL
Yashica TL Electro X
Yashica TL Electro X IT
S Yashica TL E
Yashica TL Electro
Yashica Electro AX
Pentax Spotmatic
Pentax Spotmatic II
Pentax Spotmatic IIa
Pentax Spotmatic F
Pentax Spotmatic SP500
Pentax Spotmatic SP1000
Pentax Electro Spotmati
c Pentax ES
Pentax ESII
Ricoh Singlex
Ricoh Singlex TLS
Ricoh TLS 401
Ricoh SLX 500
Ricoh Singlex II
Ricoh Auto TLS EE
Olympus FTL
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